Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Florida and Beyond 2014

Hi Guys!

Well we are all back to the real world now, and I hope its not too bad. We had a fantastic time with the family and will cherish those memories forever. Thanks to Jay and Sharon for setting things up and coordinating payment etc., so that things went smoothly. Thanks to Sharon for finding that great property, and of course for providing some great meals. Thanks to James for providing the entertainment! Loved it, Rappers Delight will never be the same! Thanks to all for a really great time.

The kids were awesome and it was so great to bond with them, our kids got along famously.

So are we excited for 2014! I will try and coordinate the next one, but will call on you all for help as needed.

I set up a Blog for the 2010 trip as a way to provide information to all simultaneously and also carry on a dialogue that everyone can see.

I will use the same system to communicate information regarding the 2014 trip. Please register to comment and leave a comment on the site so I know you are on board and are reading the posts. I posted pictures from our trip on the blog. If you have pictures form our trip please share on the Blog site.

Please bookmark this site and check often, if you register to comment it should email you when new posts or comments are made.

Talk to you all soon! See you on the site.

Family Reunion 2012- Florida

Hey All, see the above pictures of our Florida Trip. We had a fantastic time!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Morning After

A big thank you, hug and a Kiss to everyone who came and even those who could not make it. We really had a great time, and will always remember the time on the Lake and in Yosemite. I think everything worked out perfectly, the Weather, and the  accommodations were just about perfect. We all contributed something to make the trip go smoothly, and it worked out Great. Uncle James, thanks for the cooking! Thank you to the Daniels and White Family for the Boat on Saturday! Thanks to all the Kids for being Great! I could go on and On. I knew it was going to be good when within a hour of our arrival, we saw two deer near our a cabin. A good sign for sure.

It really was wonderful. My family took a drive over to Monterrey and spent the night there on Monday, and then went to the Aquarium on Tuesday and the drove home. I hate that it is all over, but that is the way it goes. We look forward to the next trip eagerly, when we can all be together again. Love Ya!

"I only went out for a walk and finally decided to stay until sundown, for going out I discovered was actually going in." 
 - John Muir

"Without the Energy to lift mountains, how am I to live?"

Ranger Rick Signing out......for good

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weather Forecast

Wow, almost a week away! We can not wait! Weather is always a concern, so I have a link here to the forecast for our stay here it is:

Weather 6/23-6/29

Looking very nice! Pack accordingly.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Family Reunion Article

 Hello! Here is a link to a great article on Family Reunions. It has some nice tips we should try. Let me know what you think, and which ideas you think would work.

Ask Trip Coach: Family Reunions - Budget Travel

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yosemite Video


I found this cool introduction video to Yosemite, It will give you an Idea of what to see in the park. Yosemite Intro Video

FYI we will be entering the park from the 41 highway. The entrance from our cabins to the park is about 30 minutes. We can drive up from our cabins as we please because the Park entrance fee ($20 per car) is valid for 7 days.

Of course we will also be staying at Bass Lake, so we will have plenty to do on the other days. I will most likely be renting a pontoon boat for the duration of our trip.

We can cruise, fish, swim, do midnight booze cruises! I mean, romantic moonlight cruises, with wine of course. The boats have a BBQ on board which is cool. I will see if they will throw in a few kayaks also, anyone Kayak? Its a lot of fun, and good exercise.

This trip really is for all of us to have fun together, so if you have any suggestions let me know. I am going to put together a loose itinerary, which I am sure will get throw away, but it will at least give us some idea of what to do. Its a privilege to  have family member's and friends all serving Jehovah together, and even though we live far apart and are separated by States, it is important that we get together, especially now that we have small children in the family. This trip will create memories for all of us, but most importantly for them. We cant wait to see everybody!

If anyone has any logistical questions let me know. Airport, directions, ammenities, etc. Let me know and I will try and answer any questions.

Thanks for all the support. Can  you believe it has been a year and a half since plans got underway!Now,  less than 8 weeks to go!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Feeling good

Its beautiful day at the beach today.We had the kids out in the pool this morning and it was great! Things have been hectic latley with assembly last weekend and the memorial next week it is nice to stop and just watch the kids play in the sunshine. Sharon is visiting and its been nice, Evan really missed her. We are on our way to get dinner at joes crab shack! What a great Sunday.