Friday, January 8, 2010

The Road Book Review

The Road by Cormac McCarthy

The Road was a easy read, by that I mean its not a 2000 page book with small type. It a book that could be read in a day if you wanted to. I took a few days, a hour here and there to finish. In that sense it is easy. That is the only sense. The story is dank, dark, morose and downright depressing. Literally.

The story takes place in a Post apocalyptic America, I gather it is somewhere is the south east. The skies are all grey and full of ash and soot. Trees are charred, animals are scarce. Paragraph upon paragraph describing bitter cold nights, dark skies and a charred landscape. Often I read a paragraph only to think to myself that the exact idea was already expressed a dozen times using different words.

But because the depressing, bland world McCarthy creates sets up the reader in a sort of funk, it also makes for engrossing reading when something does happen. And it does get intense. The story itself is rather small, with a narrative folowing a father and son as they are basically Hobo's traveling along a dangerous road, following a creased map, trying to get to the coast. They have to scrounge for food and shelter along the way, all the while trying to avoid humanity. It seems the surviving humans have taken to survival by any means necessary, including cannibalism.

During the books narrative you just know the pay off is going to be bad and heart wrenching, and to a point it is. I will not spoil the ending but I will say that if you hang into the end, McCarthy allows the sun to poke through the clouds for a moment or two.

Rating 3/5

Friday, July 24, 2009

Naomi Girl

We had a great time today at Underwood farms in Moor park. Evan had a blast seeing all the tractors and animals, and we picked lots of raspberries( Evan ate most of the ones he picked). Alysa made some shortcake with the berries we picked. Very cool, and fun. Here are some great pictures I took today:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

R.I.P. Maynard 11/97 - 10/28/08

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Micheal and Laurens Wedding

Mark your calander. My little brother is marrying a very sweet girl named Lauren . The date is November 8, 2008. We have been having fun talking about all the arrangements and all the planning.

Congrats Guys!

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Salsa Festival 2008- Oxnard, Ca

The Salsa Festival, Oxnard, Ca

Every year during the warm days of Summer, at the end of July, the City Of Oxnard hosts the Salsa Festival. Oxnard is better known for that other festival held in May known as the Strawberry Festival.

I have to say that The Salsa Festival in my opinion is the better Festival. It may not be as big or famous, but it sure seems to be getting that way. It’s still a small area, not nearly as big as College park, but that may be a good thing. Major props go to the event organizers. Crowded but not so much as to curse humanity and the Weather was perfect!

What do expect of a festival? I expect it to be well organized, and to have at least something to do with the name of the festival. How many of us have been to a “Festival” only to be paraded by numerous dubious vendors selling incense and garbage that has nothing to do with festival it claims to represent. (Cough* Citrus Festival in Santa Paula*cough)

Yes there is knick knackery of every type, but there is also Salsa, and lots of it! And there is Salsa Music, Live! And Salsa Dancing, ooh the Salsa festivities go on and on. Who can forget the crowd favorite Salsa Tent. For 5 bucks you get a bucket of chips and 10 tickets to try salsa from the vendors lining the tent. I actually did a shot of Habenero Salsa on a dare from one of the vendors! And yes I had the Obligatory roasted corn, and snow cone.

This is the festival of choice for me now. Now if I could just learn to Salsa I’d be in business.

Friday, July 18, 2008

New Trek Poster at Comic Con

Red Alert!

Paramount just released brand new posters that will be given out at Comic Con is San Diego. These look really good with Quinto's Spock looking awesome! I cannot wait!

Bana's charachter looks strange, with the tatoo's. He is supposed to be a Romulan, he looks like a Biker Romulan to me. Pine looks good as Kirk as well. We will see how his version of Kirk vibes. Zoe looks good as well. I wonder why they are showing Zoe instead of Urban. Very interesting. Here is the EW link:,,20213200_3,00.html

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Book Review- Death Comes For The Archbishop- Willa Cather

Book Review:

Death comes for the Archbishop-

Willa Cather

Father Valliant and Archbishop Jean Latour grew up together in a small French village. Both men as teenagers dedicated their lives to the Catholic Church, making a solemn vow to one another to dedicate their lives to the church. Foregoing the privileges of family and marriage, they sought a life of spirituality in service to their God. With this type of dedication it is really not surprising that they would volunteer for an assignment that would completely transform their lives and remove them from the comfort and filial comforts of their beloved France.

The American West and the Mission system established by the Spanish Fathers needed the benevolent oversight of Rome. The diocese founded by the Spaniards had been overtaken by Mexican fathers with loose renderings of the rites and lifestyle becoming of a men of the cloth.

Father Valliant and Bishop Latour were to establish a Roman presence in the New World, reforming and settling the west. The tale spun in Cathers epic is weaved from the lives of a real life Bishop from France, and experiences form other people of the period.

Reading Cather’s work is like stepping back in time. Her poetic style is soothing and mesmerizing. The work is told in a chronological fashion starting out in Rome then following the misadventures of these two men until both of their deaths. Throughout both of their experiences a sense of loneliness and isolation is revealed in both men’s lives. Valliant and Latour are two vastly different men in personality and style, yet their childhood bonds form an interdependent partnership.

The lives of the Indians and Mexican people are detailed in vivid language and sensitivity. You will not soon forget the imagery invoked by the snake worshiping rituals, or the run in with a serial killer in the mountains of New Mexico.

"He observed also that there was no longer any perspective in his memories...He was soon to have done with calendared time, and it had already ceased to count for him. He sat in the middle of his own consciousness; none of his former states of mind were lost or outgrown. They were all within reach of his hand, and all comprehensible.
Sometimes, when Magdalena or Bernard came in and asked him a question, it took him several seconds to bring himself back to the present. He could see they thought his mind was failing; but it was only extraordinarily active in some other part of the great picture of his life--some part of which they knew nothing.
When the occasion warranted he could return to the present. But there was not much present left; Father Joseph dead, the Olivares both dead, Kit Carson dead, only the minor characters of his life remained in the present time." pp 290-291
Death comes for the Archbishop is one of my favorite books due to its intimacy and the atmospheric scenery it invokes. It is majestic yet deeply personal, Grand, and small. It is about lives of purpose, and the sacrifices we all must make in order to fulfill spiritual endeavors and the loneliness that can sometimes necessitate.

Highly recommended.